Ultra-clean Tyvek breathing bag (individual bag, tubing)

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Focusing on the design and manufacturing of sterile barrier systems for high-end sterile medical devices, and is committed to providing global customers with safe, economical and leading overall solutions for sterile barriers.

Product Details

1. The ultra-clean sterilization bag (Tyvek1073B&HDPE) is produced in ISO class 5 cleanroom.It has good air permeability, flat packaging, and excellent puncture resistance, and is suitable for various sterilization methods.

Suitable for sterilization packaging of medicines, rubber stoppers, caps, vials, containers, syringe components, stainless steel appliances, etc.

2. SafeSecure has self-sealing and heat-sealing ultra-clean sterilization bags. Self-sealing ultra-clean sterilization bags are sealed with self-adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive strips, which have the characteristics of simple operation, no need for sealing equipment, low cost, and high cleanliness.




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