Thermal-forming Film

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Focusing on the design and manufacturing of sterile barrier systems for high-end sterile medical devices, and is committed to providing global customers with safe, economical and leading overall solutions for sterile barriers.

Product Details

1. A variety of forming film materials (PPPE/PAPE/SPET) and different formulations and can be sealed with coated medical paper, uncoated medical paper, coated Tyvek, and uncoated Tyvek.

2. PPPE forming film (thickenss:70-250μm): it has the advantages of low cost and high tensile performance.

3. PAPE forming film (thickness:70-250μm): It has the advantages of high tensile performance and strong puncture resistance.


Comply with ISO11607-1, GB/ 19633-1 ,YY/T 0698.1 etc.



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