Paper-film pouch

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Focusing on the design and manufacturing of sterile barrier systems for high-end sterile medical devices, and is committed to providing global customers with safe, economical and leading overall solutions for sterile barriers.

Product Details

Paper-film pouch, transparent and visible, clean and peelable, with good air permeability.

1. Low-temperature uncoated paper-plastic bags (60g, 70gPaper&PET/PE): suitable for instruments that require visualization, high cleanliness and light weight.

2. Coated paper-plastic bags (60g, 70g, 80gPaper+5g/8g adhesive & PET/PE): suitable for medical devices that are soft, smooth, small size and light weight, and require visualization and good peeling effect.

3. High-strength hot-melt adhesive coated paper-plastic bag (80g, 110gPaper+5g/8g adhesive & PET/PE): the paper has high strength, low cost, good peeling effect and high cleanliness.


Comply with ISO11607-1, GB/T 19633-1 etc.



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