Coated Tyvek® Die Cut Lids

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Focusing on the design and manufacturing of sterile barrier systems for high-end sterile medical devices, and is committed to providing global customers with safe, economical and leading overall solutions for sterile barriers.

Product Details

High strength, wide heat sealing adaptability, can seal with PET, APET, PETG, PVC and other common medical device packaging rigid blister substrates,

Suitable for medical devices which are high risk, heavy weight and the surface with tough protrusion.

1.  Water-based adhesive coated Tyvek® lid (Tyvek® 2FS, 1059B, 1073B+10-13g adhesive): economical and environmentally friendly.

2. Hot melt adhesive coated Tyvek® lid  (Tyvek® 2FS, 1059B, 1073B+20-24g adhesive): high air permeability, good heat sealing effect.



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