Foil bag

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Focusing on the design and manufacturing of sterile barrier systems for high-end sterile medical devices, and is committed to providing global customers with safe, economical and leading overall solutions for sterile barriers.

Product Details

Excellent barrier properties, suitable for medical devices that need to block light, oxygen, water, and flat packaging.

1. Easy-to-tear foil bag (PET/AL/PE): super puncture resistance, light-blocking, air-blocking and water-blocking, high sealing strength.

2. Easy-to-peel foil bag (PET/AL/SPE): strong puncture resistance, light-blocking, air-blocking, and water-blocking, easy to peel off.

3. Paper-aluminum-plastic bag (Paper//PE/AL/PE): the packaging is flat, light-blocking, air-blocking, and water-blocking, with high sealing strength.


4. Foil header bag (Tyvek® 2FS, 1059B, 1073B & PET/AL/PE): EO sterilizable, can effectively protect against light and block air and water after aseptic closure.



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