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Thermometer cove

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The product’s main body is PE-EVA multi-layers co-extrusion film; the main-body seal with printed paper, the user can pick the small pouch from the paper with thermometer easily.

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--- This product belongs to the auxiliary product for thermometer test. Because this is a disposable product, it can fully guarantee the user's health.


--- The product from the inner sleeve and jacket of two parts, a user when using the thermometer into the inner sleeve, and the challenge of the thermometer into the inner sleeve from the jacket, the inner sleeve with a thermometer wrapped in measuring the patient.


--- This product is made from medical grade non-toxic materials for production, without any harm to the human body.


--- This product uses the paper, film are environmentally friendly material that can be recycled.


--- The membrane of special design, will not have any effect on the test results.

Unsafe mercury thermometers used by more and more people are perceived, as science and technology, more and more countries are pushing for repeal of mercury thermometers and replace it with a digital thermometer, while the top three hospitals are also many domestic implementation of mercury medical Yet oral temperature measured with a digital thermometer, there will be the question of cross-infection to cause disease. So we designed and developed to map the thermometer port table sets this problem, the product can completely prevent cross-infection of disease problems.


This product is disposable products, generally used to assist in temperature measurement. This product is generally not used for sterile packaging applications.

Product Structure

Backing material

30-50g medical kraft paper

Port table sets Material

Copolymers of polyethylene with vinyl acetate


Non-sterile products


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