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We believe that employees are our first productivity. We respect, love and use our talents. So far, the company has established its own stable management team and made outstanding contributions to the rapid development of the company.


Our talent concept is:

“Borderless” Talent Management – We encourage the mobility of talents, give everyone full play, and encourage continuous learning, emphasizing the value of knowledge and the value of learning.

"Unbalanced" talent management - We encourage employees to constantly break the balance through the improvement of their own quality, so as to achieve innovation and development.

"Total success" talent management - We develop a win-win idea of human resources through common development of individuals and companies, so as to achieve mutual success of individuals and companies.


Core Value

Integrity, pragmatic and diligent;

Good learning, good-minded, open-minded and enterprising;

Zunde keep the moment, self-cultivation;

Concentrate on the same boat and advance together for mutual prosperity;


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